Affordable SEO Content for Small Business Blogs

Well written, researched, and optimized blog posts are the cornerstone to getting search engine traffic and generating leads for small businesses.

Are You Struggling to Get the Content You Need?

One of the most important strategies for ranking your business website is to post informative, engaging articles. High-quality content optimized around low competition keywords will continue to generate leads for your small business year after year.

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What You Get With Each Article

In-Depth Research

Advanced software and research experience help me to understand your niche, and what it takes to rank.

Powerful Headlines

Powerful headlines outline the core concepts of your article and give your readers the info they need.

SEO Crafted Content

I write compelling, informative posts that provide solutions to search queries and establish you as an authority.

I Use the Following Tools to Create Affordable SEO Content For Your Business

Tools for creating affordable SEO Content

Establish Authority and Trust

There’s only one way to beat your competitors to the top of the search results.

Establish Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E.A.T) with high-quality content that delivers value and tells your prospects what they want to know.

That’s my specialty.

Your Search for SEO Content Ends Here

You may have been told you’ll need link building, a heavy presence on social media, and an expensive SEO expert to manage it all.

That’s not true.

Everything helps, but none of it is possible without well-researched content that addresses a searcher’s intent, and that’s where you should start.

What Can a Blog Do For Your Business?

Generate leads by targeting more keywords related to your business.

Build credibility and trust and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Improve your branding by showing up in the search engines more often.

Latest on the Blog

Why SEO Still Matters

You have a lot of value to give, but you need to attract readers to your website for that to happen. That’s where SEO comes in.

Content writing is challenging enough, but every article needs SEO to be seen. Here are just a few of the fantastic tools I use that can help with your DIY SEO solution.

You’re busy running your business but still need your online content sorted. Content writers trained in the arcane SEO arts can be a fantastic resource.

How Can Blogs Help With SEO?

Blogs will work in many different ways to boost your SEO. Adding fresh, new content to your website regularly will keep the crawler bots returning so your site will be indexed and found for more keywords. More search terms help you reach a broader demographic interested in your services.

High-quality blog content also attracts natural backlinks, gives you material to feed your social media platforms, and generates more user engagement on your site.

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Fantastic delivery, as always. Thanks for the in-depth writing.

John Zawad

Leigh never fails to deliver articulate, high-quality work. That’s why I keep coming back to him. Awesome job!

Daisy Dapolito

Leigh was great! This is the fourth job he’s done for me. He delivered my work back on time. He followed all directions and knows what he is doing. I would recommend anyone to use his services. Thank you so much Leighcly for all your help.

Michal K.

Working with Leigh has been absolutely perfect from the start. He is a professional who can write texts at a top level, and moreover very comprehensible and readable. The communication with him is just as good.